AIA Info Point Competition. Turin, Italy. 2008

Location: Turin, Italy
Architect: castillo|martinez
Status: Competition

Year: 2008

A place that transmits, contains and welcomes everyone who wants to enjoy, see, relax, and receive information. Two elements, skin and skeleton, interacting between them and with the visitor, but that at the same time understand that what contains them is the city.

Transparent or opaque skin, that shows or hides, always moving, always changing. Moving because the skin starts at the façade, twists and becomes floor, and twists again and becomes benches, there where the building meets and joins the square…the city. Changing as a consequence of its own movement and because is an ally of the light, the night, the color. A supporter skeleton, but at the same time a protection element, because when detaches from the building, embraces and protects the visitor and creates a shadows outbreak.

A simple and easy-to-understand interior, always opened and transparent to information and exhibition, and more closed to the private affairs (meetings, services). Mobile interior elements allow areas separation and, as consequence, the building can always work. And always the color, indicating functions, separating spaces.

A structure made with scatfolds, wrapped by a polycarbonate skin and protected with a metallic pergola. A steel platforms floor that braces the structure. An industrialized construction building that can be mounted in a few hours and by a couple of men, that can travel wherever and that is friend of its environment, made with 100% recyclable and re-usable materials.